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Can We Talk Growth for a Second?

So we just spent the last month on a family #roadtrip (more to come on that once we've had some time to recover!), driving from our home in #SWFL to visit friends in MD, then on to see family in southern NJ before swinging on up to the other side of the family in northern NJ, then finally a weeklong stay in a cabin outside of Asheville, NC.

With two adults, four kids, and a dog -- well, it was quite the #adventure!

Like any good wife, I let my husband take the wheel for most of the drive (I'm such a hero!) while I mindlessly scrolled through old pictures on my phone. I reached one that literally made me stop in my tracks and think: DAMN have I come a long way!

I've struggled over whether or not to share this revelation because I only ever want potential clients to think I am this unbelievable, amazing, flawless, super-talented artist but let's be real here . . . everyone learns, everyone practices, and everyone gets better. I am no exception.

When I took the first photo (taken for a very, very good friend!) I was just starting out on my photography career. I had what I've since learned is a cheap, starter #camera (and I thought I was SOOOOOOOO baller for it lol), a #Pinterest board of unbelievably out of my skill-set inspiration, a spark of passion, and a heart full of good intentions.

When I took the second (and third because I couldn't decide which one I liked more) photos, I had actual professional gear, experience, continued photography education, and my own imagination by my side.

Undoubtedly, the memories that each family were left with are lasting and important, and I am in no way trying diminish those memories or poke fun at the first photo. What I am doing, however, is showing just how much better one can become, especially if you are dedicated, focused, driven, and passionate.

Change does not happen overnight, but with perseverance and committment, you can only grow and get better. ESPECIALLY if you're willing to recognize that you don't actually know it all, and that you are constantly learning. This has been a lesson ongoing for me, and I am thankful for the #mentors in my photography communities that have helped me to grow.

If you are on the fence about jumping into the world of #photography -- DO IT. Do it and don't look back, but also know that you will always be a work in progress!

So, what do you think? Quite the transformation, right? Same basket (which, actually, we used to pack our on-the-road snacks so it's function is TOTALLY multi-purposed!), updated gear, different baby, and world of growth.

First attempt with "Farm Fresh" crate, circa 2015. Looks like I was super confused about props (a tutu, pearls, and "Farm Fresh"?! Like, what? Also, looks like I was into that Sepia feel. Yikes.

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