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bumps + babies


The moment you find out you're expecting is the beginning of one of your life's most meaningful chapters. 

My lifestyle approach to newborn photography focuses on those precious, every day experiences with your newest family member. I look for the supporting details that compose your family's personal tale: your babe's pea-sized toes, his scrunched up face the moment before he sneezes, the love that pours from you as you gently nurse.


From that first fuzzy sonogram up to his sweet cake smash, your baby's first year is filled with unbelievable awe and wonder. That first year tells a story of hope, and uncertainty, of pride and amazement. It tells a story of a love so fierce that no antagonist would dream of getting in its way. 


Whether you're looking to preserve photos of your beautiful bump or wanting to capture the joy of his first taste of sugar as he dives into that cake, I am happy to document the exposition of your little one's narrative!

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