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So, blogging is difficult.

I started this year off all gung-ho about blogging some of my sessions, and as it turns out that was a much bigger commitment than I had anticipated! To be fair though, I work a full time day job, have three small children, and am busy photographing you lovely people every weekend, so blogging has just been pushed to the bottom of my list. Sigh.

That doesn't mean I don't want to, though! I post sessions regularly on my Facebook page, but I would love to take the time to showcase some of my favorites here on J Gompper Photography's blog. All sessions are special in their own ways, and taking the time to share details of some of these beautiful families that I have the honor to work with is something I am really pushing myself to do.

Soooooo, that being said, way too many sessions have passed since January for me to pick just a few to showcase. Instead, I want to give a heartfelt shout out to all of the amazing mommies who took the time to schedule a Mother's Day Mini Session this year! It was so wonderful watching all of these incredible moms interacting with their precious kiddos. Motherhood is a true gift, and having the opportunity to provide these women with lasting memories with their littles has been such a joy. Please enjoy some of my favorites from the past few weeks, starting with a video I created of April and Ainsleigh, some of my favorite repeat clients!

Below that, click through to see some amazing mommies!

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