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Why choose a "lifestyle" photographer?

I get it. Selecting a #photographer to capture your family's memories is no easy task.

And I'll be the first to admit that there are an abundance of talented #photographers here in #SWFL. In fact, I'm friends with many of them!

I think that one of the biggest decisions when it comes to selecting your photographer is figuring out what style of #photography aligns with what you envision. Do you like perfectly posed portraits, with everyone focused on the camera and smiling brightly? Do you prefer totally #candid moments, in which anything goes? Do you fall somewhere in between?

Beach photograph of mom and dad with their children.
Lifestyle photography is about having FUN! Here we have Mom and Dad sharing a moment, while their 6 year old and 4 year old twins race around them playing tag. THAT, my friends, is real life! THAT is a moment they want to hold on to!

As I've developed my style over the years, I'm finding more and more how snugly I fit into the community of photographers who lean toward #lifestylephotography. There's something about capturing #authentic, unscripted moments of a family at play.

My approach to lifestyle photography is so much more than "do whatever you feel like".

It's more of an organized chaos.

It's me encouraging you to play games, and be silly, and have fun.

It's prompting your kiddos to bend the rules a little bit -- to be loud, and boisterous, to run and jump and spin and twirl and, really, just be themselves!

It's encouraging your beloved to relax and enjoy the #session, to stop worrying about where to look and how to stand.

It's creating a moment that shows a #connection, that highlights the unique and special bond between you.

Lifestyle photography in southwest Florida - maternity photography, couples photography
"Whisper your favorite breakfast cereal in her ear in your sexiest voice" -- always gets some real smiles!

Am I careful to always get that perfect #familyportrait to hang on the wall? Of course. We all need a few of those.

But mostly, lifestyle photography focuses on the connections within your family. The love. The unbridled joy.

When choosing your photographer, you must ask yourself, "what is most important to me?" ...and then find someone who can bring your vision to life, whose goals align with yours.

If you're anything like me, you'll agree that capturing the NOW is what matters most. Capturing the way your little ones look up at you, their eyes laughing with delight. Capturing the sweet curl of your baby girl's hair, or your little guy's mile-wide grin as he runs at light-speed towards the waves.

I seek out these in-between moments and freeze them for you, forever.

Such is the beauty of lifestyle photography: it is all about real. Real moments, real smiles, real memories to last a lifetime.

What matters most to you when capturing your family photos?

Lifestyle photography in southwest Florida - family photography
No prompting needed... these little elves were peeping me as I took a quick water break!

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