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HAHA you guys, I can't even.

I was SO jazzed in 2018 when I was like - yeah! I'll do a blog post to feature favorites from each session!

I definitely have time for that!

Maybe... not so much.

But I am really going to try to change that. I want to showcase these beautiful families.

I want to share their stories, document their journeys, highlight the love that defines each of them.

So -- today is the start of a brand new day.

It may take some time, but I am committed (for real) this time.

Be on the lookout -- I have some amazing stories to share with you!

In the meantime, I'd love to share this proud moment with you! I took a major leap this year and submitted a handful of photos to a worldwide photo competition. There were over 500,000 submissions in a variety of different categories.

Let me tell you this: some of the talent that I came across during this contest was UNREAL. I was blown away by all of the incredible work I encountered during the process and, consequently, found myself to be very intimidated by so many incredible artists! I second-guessed myself more than once -- sure, I thought, I wasn't the caliber of photographer that entered GLOBAL CONTESTS!

Well, turns out I did pretty well! Of the almost 600,000 submissions, I had two wind up as finalists, five int he top 10%, nine in the top 20%, and five in the top 30%.

Overall, not to shabby!

I am excited to see how my work grows and evolves this year and am already excited about next year's Shoot & Share competition!

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